Headlight Restoration

Headlights have a UV protection that will eventually fail as a result of long exposure to the sun. In order to properly remove the yellow and hazing of your lights, these have to be sanded down with different grits of sand paper. Once the UV protection is completely removed we prepare the lights to receive a durable UV coating that will last for years depending on how the vehicle is maintained afterwards.


We offer 3 different options:


Level 1 (Starting at $60/set): Polish and Opti Lens coating. 


Level 2 (Starting at $200/set): Resurface, seal lens with UV cured coating technology. Starting at $200/set (2 year warranty)


Level 3 (Starting at $260/set): Resurface, then seal with UV coating, then we sand any orange peel or structure and polish leaving the lens smooth and shiny like the original OEM finish.(2 year warranty)