New Car Package

The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! The dealer calls you to let you know your car is ready for pick up. But hold on, it may have undergone some damage during shipping and no one has realized. Or perhaps the dealer did? We perform New Car Preps rather often, and we see quite a lot of damage way too often. If you are in luck, your car will only have a few scratches from improper prep at the dealer. But trust us; it can get a lot worse than this. We’ve seen cracked headlights ( roughly 1 600$ to replace), paint bubbles (a defect from the factory), paint chips, dents and even a complete driver’s side repainted with too many paint flaws.


Our New Car Protection package was designed to cover all the essentials when buying or leasing a new vehicle. We begin with a complete exterior wash using a PH neutral car soap combined with a 2 bucket system. Wheels, wheel wells and tires are cleaned with a wide variety of brushes. Bonded paint contamination (tar, iron deposits, tree sap) are removed via paint decontamination. We then polish the paint to perfection and apply one of our proven paint coatings.


Our recommendation to you is that you request your dealer not to prep your car. We strongly suggest that shipping film and plastics remains on the car so we can fully remove them. Please note an additional fee for cars that have severe paint defects will be applied. 

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