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Wheels off Detail (Starting at $299): This service offers the ultimate wheel and caliper protection. We carefully remove your wheels using a special wheel socket kit. This kit is coated with a hard surface plastic that will prevent any scratches or nicks. Once the wheels are removed we deeply clean both, the wheels and calipers using acid free cleaner that will not harm the finish. Tar and adhesive from wheels weights are removed. We polish the inner barrels and wheels faces, apply a thick coat of Cquartz DLUX as a long term protection and cure the coating to 150°F with an Infrared Lamp. This coating will make wheel cleaning a breeze! Finally, the wheels go back on the vehicle and are tighten down to its original spec using a torque wrench.

Engine Detailing (Starting at $80): Tired of having subpar engine cleaning done on your vehicle? Having the engine compartment cleaned will fight potential corrosion, drastically improve the car's appearance and attract buyers when the time comes to sell your vehicle. We make sure all crevices and cracks are properly cleaned. The engine compartment is meticulously cleaned and degreased. All sensitive and electrical areas are masked to prevent any electrical problems. Once the compartment is entirely detailed, we protect all the plastics and rubbers with a rich satin non greasy high quality product that will repel dust and keep your engine clean for longer.